Dear customers,


We pride ourselves of having highest hygienic standards and want you to have healthy nails, lashes & brows.

You will be given advise in your best interest how to treat your nails, lashes & brows if necessary. 

All our products are MMA free,Vegan and Environment Friendly. 

MMA is not recommended for use in acrylic nail products because it is much too hard, and can tear the nail off the finger easily. It is also solvent resistant, which makes it very difficult to remove. It takes a long time to remove MMA when soaking in acetone. Many technicians damage the nail plate when prepping for MMA, since that product needs grooves in the nail in order to stick well. A technician should always protect and preserve the natural nail under any enhancement product. And, finally, MMA should not be used in nail products because the FDA has determined that it is not safe for that purpose.

(Low prices can be an indicator that a salon uses MMA. MMA is considerably less expensive to purchase than the safer alternative EMA.) 

Duration of services can vary. The times for our services listed are guidelines only.

Buffing and Shaping times vary due to the condition of the nails.

Application of polishes can vary depending on the nails and season of the year. Changes in temperature and humidity do influence the curing time. 

Manicures and Pedicures will not be performed on Fungal, Infected or Discolored Nails.

There is no guarantee and no free service once a customer has left the Nail Studio and damages the nails. Please understand that the customer's daily activities that can lead to chipping etc. are not our responsibility.

Customers take full responsibility when they come with damaged and broken nails and want to go for any polish application services without treatment or fixing of the damaged nails.

For 'After hour' services extra charges apply.

Customers are requested to be on time as we are taking customers by appointment only.

If you are late more than 5 minutes you must reschedule. Or pay an extra charge of $15 to continue with the service.

24 hour cancellation policy applies. For cancelling and rebooking within 24h an extra charge of $15 applies.

Same day cancellations without notifications can be re-booked for an extra charge of $15.

We do not tolerate disrespectful behaviour by customers under no circumstances.